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I was officially selected as an eCommerce consultant in the “Developing SMEs exports through Virtual Market Places” project.

This project is an innovative project, which aims at unlocking the untapped economic growth potential of SMEs in the MENA region in order to generate employment and more inclusive social and economic development. The project has been prepared in the context of the Deauville Partnership and administrated by the World Bank with the technical support of ITC.

Currently, MENA SMEs are largely absent from VMPs and not visible for the millions of e-buyers around the world. Insufficient understanding of how markets operate through e-commerce and lacked access to trade intelligence are among the reasons hampering SMEs` use of VMPs.

The project focuses on building the capacity of 100 selected SMEs in Tunisia , I will assist 10 of them.

This project will strengthen the skills of SMEs to effectively use new technologies to enhance their visibility on international markets and increase their business and market share. It covers three priority product groups: specialized gourmet agro-processed foods, handicrafts and services. These products were selected because there is evidence of regular and increased international demand through online platforms, and they represent an important part of exports from the three countries.

Through this project, which focuses on the access to global markets through VMPs, it is expected that I will help, as a consultant,  beneficiary SMEs to implement new strategies and adopt new business models which will improve their competitiveness and enable them to penetrate new markets using business intelligence that will be supported by the project as well.

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