Speaker at eGov conference 2017

The “EGOV Tunisia 2017” conference, held from April 28 to 30, 2017 in Hammamet, focused on the study of governance in the context of new information systems supporting smart cities.

The Tunisian Association of Management Sciences (TMSS), organizer of this event defined the smart city “smart city”, as being a city whose purpose is to offer citizens via information and communication technologies ( TIC), an evolved living environment that respects the environment and improves the quality of life of citizens. This conference organized under the patronage of the Ministry of Communication Technologies and the Digital Economy has for objectives, the presentation of Tunisian and international achievements in terms of smart cities and information systems, the gathering of the public administration, civil society, academia and private enterprise and finally the construction of local partnerships between the various stakeholders and international partnerships with stakeholders from France, Canada, Spain, and South Korea .

Decision-makers, managers of information systems, ICT, training programs as well as teachers, researchers, doctoral students and engineers will take part in this conference. The themes to be discussed at the event will focus on: information systems, robotics, Internet of Things, Open Government partnership, big data, social impacts and government strategies.

During this conference, I presented in a panel, the concept of smart city, the case of Jazan in Saudi Arabia.

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